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The 2 King Kong Slot Machines Online

There are two King Kong slots available to play online, the original being created by Cryptologic and the most recent, simply called "Kong" and demoéd in the video below, from Playtech. Both slots are entirely different games although as you'd expect, they bear a lot of similarities.

For me personally, I couldn't pick one King Kong slot over another - they are both very different and each has it's plus and minus points although Playtech have made a bit of a c*ck-up with their betting increments. Fine if you bet under $2 a spin but otherwise you have to go $5, $10, $20 etc with no middle-ground. Means I don't play their King Kong slot machine much anymore as I hate flat-betting and there ain't no way I'd jump from $2 to $5 or $5 to $10 a spin in one go!

I guess the key difference between the two King Kong slots - and a difference that most slots players will consider make or break - is in the bonus features. Although both slots' features are "free spin" rounds, I'd probably give the edge in this area to the Crypto version for one main reason: you can win up to 150 free spins. With retriggers! The Playtech version only gives you 3 free spins BUT they are probably just as lucrative.

The crypto version has an expanding wild symbol on reel 3 although it doesn't expand during the free spins. The Playtech version has stacked wilds (fixed) but only in the free spins and only in one of the two variations of that. The other free spins bonus has "sticky wilds". The Playtech version is explained in more detail on the Playtech King Kong slot page while there is also more detail on the other version on the Cryptologic King Kong page.

Kong Slot - Features Video

In terms of playability, ignoring the free spin features for now, both online King Kong slots are very playable. The Playtech version has a much more advanced feel to it with video graphics and sounds from the King Kong movie along with two "modes" of play, switching between the two when the feature is triggered. The Cryptologic version feels more dated, spins a lot slower but still has a really nice feel to it, mainly because the bonus feature is so appealing.

In terms of variance, the Cryptologic King Kong slot is slightly higher variance (ie: it's riskier) because without the free spin feature it's hard to get your balance moving up. But the free spin feature offers than Playtech's free spin feature IMO. Both King Kong slots will probably offer similar playtime however because the reels on the Playtech version spin a lot faster - it's a faster game allround. It's also easier to win smaller amounts on the Playtech King Kong.

The bottom line for me is, if you aim to cash out moderate wins an aren't looking for that massive payout but want an entertaining session then the Playtech version is probably better. If you like a bit more risk and are happy to lose more frequently in pursuit of that very big (and often elusive!) win then the Crypto version is preferable. Me personally, I play each version of the King Kong slot about evenly.

Safe Places To Play The Kong Slots

About The Above Casinos

All of the casinos above are very reputable, safe and reliable places to play although you may find the odd country restriction in place. For the record, the casinos I play King Kong slots at most from that list are Bet365 Casino or Paddy Power: check out this article comparing Playtech casinos for information on which casinos are best for the Playtech version of the Kong slot. Both the aforementioned casinos have a next-day cashout policy too and while bonuses aren't very forthcoming, the support and experience is exactly what I look for in an online casino, personally.

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